Contracts, properly drawn up by a New York City Contracts Lawyer, are binding agreements with muscle in them to cause both parties to fulfill a promise. In a business, contracts may be made between an employer and an employee or sub-contractor, a supplier, delivery service, or any number of other parities. Contracts are used as a pledge and find their way into many types of transactions, including leasing arrangements, buying or selling property, equipment or services and more.

Attorney Edwin Drantivy

Clients from New York City, Long Island and across the state turn to Attorney Edwin Drantivy when they need contracts drawn up. They know of his personal and professional commitment to provide them with the highest level of excellence in legal consultation, representation, and client relations.

The Edwin Drantivy Law Firm always pays great attention to all details of client business transactions and contract preparation. Clients are kept exceptionally informed of progress on their legal matters, and the firm focuses heavily on problem solving tactics that keep complicated issues from recurring.

New York City Contracts Lawyer

Details are highly important when an attorney drafts legally binding documents like contracts, business agreements and other activities. As a client, you can rely upon Attorney Edwin Drantivy to provide you with the following important qualities you need in a lawyer:

  • Timely attention to details
  • High quality knowledge of the law
  • Accessibility
  • Communication
  • Confidentiality
  • Problem solving skills

Contacting Drantivy Law Firm, PLLC

Attorney Edwin Drantivy is always available to clients and treats their personal and business concerns in the same manner as he would expect his own legal matters to be handled, with loyalty and aggressively pursuing victory. Call his Brooklyn, NY law office at: (718) 375-3750 for a reasonably priced ($50/hour) initial consultation.