Real Estate

Persons who want to buy or sell real estate in New York City, Long Island or elsewhere in the state call upon New York City Real Estate Lawyer Edwin Drantivy because of his reputation for attention to detail, active communication with clients and his sincere desire to help people avoid scams and legal problems.

Attorney Edwin Drantivy

At his Brooklyn, NY, offices, Attorney Edwin Drantivy serves clients who are interested in getting solid real estate deals accomplished correctly, with minimum expense and with the highest level of excellence. Since the Law Firm of Edwin Drantivy opened here in 2009, clients have placed their trust and confidence in his strong legal experience and background in real estate transactions and other individual and business legal matters.

New York City Real Estate Lawyer

If you are buying, selling or about to lease property in NYC and surrounding areas, it is essential that your contracts and other legal documents are properly researched and prepared to stand up to the tests of time that may occur. As a New York City Real Estate Lawyer, Edwin Drantivy has excellent experience drafting and reviewing contracts, leases and other legal documents such as deed transfers, title searches and leases and sub-leases. He is an excellent negotiator and closing attorney with knowledge of all applicable state and local laws and ordinances.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Get the local attorney who puts all his energy into seeing that his clients get the best deals possible for:

  • Residential and commercial real estate purchases
  • Property sales and leases
  • Closings on houses, condos, co-operatives and business properties
  • Deed transfers and Internal Revenue Code §1031 Like-Exchanges
  • Zoning issues

Call Drantivy Law Firm, PLLC, in Brooklyn, NY, for excellent legal representation and advice, at (718) 375-3750.